The Tower of Babel

"If it had not existed, we would have to invent it"

Karl Popper, Viennese Philosopher stated in  "The Logic of Scientific Discovery"

In this interpretation of the mythical tower, we strayed from the obvious religious and historical components and found its meaning to be one of explosive modernism.

Humanity's most precious gift is the diversity of culture and language.

Diversity becomes the concept for this collection, achieved through the pairing of old world craftsmanship with technology.

From the cap, an artisanal hand engraved creation to the computer designed, precision milled barrel which records the word Babel in diverse languages.

Therefore Babel,  a synonym for chaos,  becomes one of discovery and enrichment.

There are 91 pieces in this collection as the Tower of Babel is said to have reached a height of 91 meters.
A Ziggurat dedicated to Marduk, patron deity of the city of Babylon.