Limited edition 300 Pcs

Materials Sterling silver and Sappihres


Mezuzah , Hebrew מזוזה , jamb (door) , plural מזוזות ( mezuzot ) is a Jewish ritual object , consisting of a container which holds a parchment ( Claf ) on which are drawn up the steps of the Torah. The Claf , as mentioned above is in parchment and in case of strict compliance must be written with non-metallic pens , decorated in Hebrew characters should be checked periodically , and correct or replace if discolored or damaged.

The mezuzah is placed on the door jamb , to the right compared to those who enter , and about two thirds of the height of the door itself , and in any case within reach of the hand. It should not be placed on the doors of the only transit or on the doors of the rooms in which you reside (kitchen, bathroom , closet, basement , sometimes also puts the entrance to the kitchen , and if there is inhabited or spend long periods of use , also from the revenue of gardens and terraces) .

It is customary that those who enter the house with your fingers touch the mezuzah and kiss the fingers themselves , as a sign of respect for the Torah which contains steps .

On the Cap

On top of cap is represented with the star of David Kippah :

Kippah : E ' headgear currently used by observant Jews males inside the places of worship is use of observant Jews , however, cover the head as a sign of respect for God

Star of David : It is also called the Seal of Solomon , is the six-pointed star contained in the flag of the state of Israel.

The shape of the star is a hexagram , which is a six-pointed star formed from two equilateral triangles , a symbol known since the Bronze Age .

Meanings on the cap :

Shin: Unique among all the alphabets of the world, the Jewish combines a series of profound teachings and unbeatable , enclosed in the triad : form , name and number.

1 . Form: Shin and ' the letter more' harmonious and symmetrical, symbol of balance and grace , the unit ' of the Three in One.

2 . Name: Tooth

3 . Number: Numeric value three hundred Hebrew

Tables of the law : delivered to Moses on Mount Sinai .

On the barrel

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