Collection: White Tiger 
Materials: resin and silver tiger and barrel with a brown diamond ct..0.10
limted editions: 50 pcs fp - 50 Pieces rb. 
Nib: 18 kt yellow gold Filling system: converter or ink cartridge 
Collection Black Panter 
Materials: Resin and Panter in silver in black pvd with a black diamond ct..0.10
limted editions:. fp 50 pieces - 50 pieces rb 
Nib: 18 kt  gold black 
Loading System: Cartridge or converter 
Collection: Leopard 
Materials: Resin and panther IN STERLING silver gilt (vermeil) and barrel with a brown diamond ct..0.10
Limted editions:. FP 50 pcs - 50 pcs RB 
Nib: 18 kt Yellow Gold 
Loading system: converter or ink cartridge